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The B2B Content Imbroglio

The B2B Content Imbroglio: The Content Bubble & The Content Star

The B2B marketing space is high-strung, binge-creating content. The influx of content online is incredible; over 2 million blog posts are published every day. The prevailing feeling is that many B2B companies are just going through the motions of content creation, without fully understanding what they actually do or why they do it; 90% of […]

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6 Ways to Amplify Your Brand Messaging on Social Media

In the last five years, social media platforms have added at least a billion users in total. The increase in social media content produced and the need to curate better feeds for users has driven social platforms to reduce organic reach. According to According to this study, a Facebook page with over a million followers reaches only […]

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What is The Foreseeable Future of Content Marketing?

In recent years, there has been so much discussion about content marketing. For some people, statements like “content is king” and “content is extremely important” are nothing but clichés. The importance of content marketing in the world of business cannot be overemphasized. Whatever image is projected about a product or service would go a long […]

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What Does Your Content ROI Reveal About Your Strategy?

Many businesses have realized the potential of content marketing for getting clients, building brand authority and driving sales. And yet, marketers are under pressure to validate their content marketing efforts using financial formulas. Like any other marketing efforts, they are expected to provide ROI figures to their bosses to get the required resources for their […]

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12 Little-Known Tricks for Repurposing Your Content

Content managers and creators are well aware of the constant pressure that is put on them to continually produce new, engaging content for the audience. As if that was not enough, they are expected to come up with content that is not only new, but valuable, pertinent, specifically tailored to a buyer persona, shareable, and […]

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