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With the explosion of networking & social media in the last few years, it’s no wonder that most of the brands and companies are starting to dive into these amazing worlds of content marketing and influence marketing – and they’re putting up the money to prove it.

It is likely that your business already has a segment of influencer relationships achieving advocacy levels. Influencer relationship management as a core component of a brand’s journey towards developing long-term advocates. Influencers become advocates for a brand only after they have established a relationship based on mutual trust, respect, and a fair exchange of value.

When connecting with influencers think strategically!

Thinking strategically means:

  • Being quite realistic about resources and increasing what you do with them (being creative)
  • Selecting the best and most effective tactics to influence your targets
  • Using some external hooks to enhance your impact

Now which group will you go after? Well, that will totally depend on the overall goals of the campaign and your influencer strategy. Whichever you select, always make sure that you have an amazing ongoing communication strategy in place and try to make sure to set your realistic expectations. In daily world you’d have a schedule of several campaigns and a great mix of influencers, advocates and influential advocates.

Make your goals SMART: Specific, measurable, Ambitious, Realistic and Timely. This will assist you to know when you’ve won and to assess how well you’re doing.

Specific: the objective is unambiguous and clear.

Measureable: achievement of your goal can be measured.

Achievable: your goal is totally within the realm of possibility!

Realistic: the goal reflects what you are willing to do relative to your knowledge, resources and time! It is grounded in analysis of the situation.

Time-bound: there is a planned time-table for achieving your goals.