Power up your marketing strategies with data-focused services.

I understand the meticulous scrutiny of hiring a service, consultant, or program to help build your business. This is your life and your hard earned dollars. I don’t take that lightly. When you invest in my services, you’re gaining access to over 7 years experience leading the digital marketing industry, fine-tuned, strategy-focused ideas and proven conversion tactics, and a custom game plan guaranteed to grow your business.

I want to see you exceed your own expectations and I can help you do that with my growth marketing agency. In the last year, collaborating with my clients, we drove millions to their websites and converted thousands of unique visitors into subscribers and paid consumers.

My experience as a 3x head of business to business marketing and combining talents with companies like Pagewiz, Klear, and dapulse have paved the way for research in what really works and I am thrilled to put that knowledge to use to assist entrepreneurs and marketers scale their business.

Marketing innovation has exploded in the last several years, but I want to find what works for you. By keeping up with cutting edge trends and years of working with foundational strategies, I can help you identify what that is.

I work with clients I know I can help. Finding a consultant and working with a third party service like mine is an intimate relationship that has to feel right. You can trust that if I work with you, it’s because I believe in your goals and your team, that I’m 100% confident, I will be able to help you.

If you’re serious about getting marketing help, contact me today.

#1. Growth Marketing Strategy (Consulting)

Growth market strategy is the method we will use to determine the plan of action to expand your business based on goals and marketing objectives. I will work with you to analyze your target audiences and research the competition to establish the best channels and tactics for your business.

By using strategic thinking we will craft your content strategy to increase top of the funnel traffic and plan cost effective campaigns by carefully allocating budgets and ad spend into retargeting and look alike ads.

With our strategy set, we will begin implementing compelling and optimized landing pages to drive conversion rates.

By evaluating your past marketing strategies and auditing your current channels and assets, I will work with you to optimize the user experience and customer acquisition process, building up your brand vision to increase your return on investment and drive revenues up.

Over a period of time we will measure audience response and sales conversions, evaluate campaign success, and work and rework the strategies as the campaign evolves.

There are literally thousands of pieces to digital and online marketing. So much to think about that it can become insanely overwhelming. So where do you start and how do you know which piece to start with? That’s where I come in.

I will guide you through the ins and outs of the online sphere of digital marketing and help you choose the best avenues for your niche markets and brand awareness. By working with me, I’ll assist you in mapping out a timeline and course of action specifically tailored to you, your brand, and your business goals.

No one size fits all marketing strategy from me. Why is that you ask? Because by customizing your plan, we will not only define your brand in the markets of your ideal customer, but we will be setting you apart from the competition as no other company will be doing exactly what you are doing, therefore allowing you a unique brand profile.

#2. Marketing Funnel Optimization (Advisory)

Remember when Apple introduced the “cloud” everyone knew of its existence, but wasn’t really sure how to use it or where it really was?

Well, the concept of the marketing funnel is similarly ambiguous to some marketers in part due to the drastic change from the direct point a to point b, to a multi-facet funnel thanks to the influx of internet propaganda.

So let’s start by defining what this funnel is. The marketing funnel is essentially a two part process. First being, how a buyer thinks through a purchase and second, how they interact online with a brand for that purchase and eventually the journey they take from beginning to conversion.

A buyer will go through a mental process and a physical process. Some buyers aren’t even looking for your product but may come across an ad or promotion and thus the marketing funnel begins, where as other buyers are out on a mission to find something specific and are comparing their options. The funnel is relative to where your buyer is at mentally. No two funnels are the same but all funnels operate in a similar fashion.

Once you’ve hooked your buyer’s intrigue, the funnel becomes the way you gently lead the buyer to their final destination of their purchase.

Where new businesses typically fail is not in their innovation or product, but in acquiring customers to support their entrepreneurial endeavors. The key here is brand awareness. When we optimize the marketing funnel we are talking about how to open up that funnel to more potential customers. This is the top of your funnel or the widest part.

In the beginning step of the funnel the customer will, in some way, engage with your brand either via website or other online channel. The key to moving customers through the funnel is ensuring a positive experience.

One of the best tools at our disposal as online marketers is the influx of data. Thanks to the lot of techie gurus constantly improving our digital process, we have so much information literally at our fingertips.

Where I come in, is to help sort through your analytics, evaluate your current funnel dynamics, and apply the most useful information to find points of advancement. I advise businesses of opportunities to engage with more potential customers or improve the user experience once they’ve punched that initial click. Generally this is a process of executing tactics, monitoring, analyzing, and re-working techniques to find success.

#3. B2B Marketing Automation (Service)

By automating some of your marketing tasks, you can effectively market through cross channel promotions including email, social media, and landing pages.

What does this look like? Well, marketing automation can be as straightforward as scheduling out social media posts. Meaning that you pre-plan and strategically posts to social media channels as part of your marketing plan.

There are numerous platforms that allow you to see all your channels and posting schedules in one dashboard, in addition to giving you analytics on those channels and feedback for how your audience is responding.

While this pre posting may feel like it takes away from the “social” connection we get from social media, it can actually help foster those relationships by giving marketers the time and energy to engage with their following.

Furthermore, with automation you can target specific list and send information according to who’s looking for it based on data giving back through automation insights or even prioritize leads by who will engage better. According to, marketers who automate have a 53% higher conversion rate than those who do not.

I get asked a lot, “Do I really need this?”

Well, marketing automation increases lead conversions rates by 107%. Top marketers see a 40% increase in average deal sizes and achieve 54% increase in reaching quotas. Additionally, automation increases the speed of sales by 70%. But those are just numbers, right?

If you want to see increases like this in your revenue and line items, then yes, you need marketing automation. Essential to staying on the competitive edge, marketing automation is innovative and used by the best of the best in the marketing world.

Still not convinced? Marketing automation streamlines marketing essentials including lead generation, segmentation, lead nurturing and scoring, relationship marketing, cross-sell and up-sell, customer retention and ROI.

It allows us to use advanced technologies to track data and leads and allows us to personalize communications with prospects.

It increases productivity and decreases human error. Oh and it saves a bundle of time for your marketing teams.

But wait, there’s even more! B2B Marketing Automation is integratable with your current marketing strategies, email marketing campaigns, SEO enhancements, social media and shareable content and websites.

If you’re ready to see what marketing automation can do for you, I will assist you in implementing the right practices of marketing automation that best fit your needs and guide you through cutting edge techniques to power up your ROI.