The B2B Content Imbroglio

The B2B Content Imbroglio: The Content Bubble & The Content Star

The B2B marketing space is high-strung, binge-creating content. The influx of content online is incredible; over 2 million blog posts are published every day. The prevailing feeling is that many B2B companies are just going through the motions of content creation, without fully understanding what they actually do or why they do it; 90% of […]

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6 Ways to Amplify Your Brand Messaging on Social Media

In the last five years, social media platforms have added at least a billion users in total. The increase in social media content produced and the need to curate better feeds for users has driven social platforms to reduce organic reach. According to According to this study, a Facebook page with over a million followers reaches only […]

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10 Fantastic Ways to Get Customers to Market Your Business

Acquiring customers is nice. Retaining customers is good. But turning your customers into brand advocates is best. Word-of-mouth has ‘always’ been one of the cheapest and most efficient forms of advertising. Knowing this fact, even in today’s Internet and technology age, brands, irrespective of their size and industry are including this approach in their marketing […]

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Why Marketing Automation is Good for Finding New Prospects

As a business owner, you need to be targeting new customers every single day if you want your business to grow. Having an existing base of loyal customers is great, but they contribute nothing when it comes to improving your bottom line. You need a steady flow of new customers that are buying into your […]

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What is The Foreseeable Future of Content Marketing?

In recent years, there has been so much discussion about content marketing. For some people, statements like “content is king” and “content is extremely important” are nothing but clichés. The importance of content marketing in the world of business cannot be overemphasized. Whatever image is projected about a product or service would go a long […]

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