The Future of Social Media and Online Influence

Social media has been such a powerful force and has shaped elections, impacted business decisions, and changed the landscape of what news is and how it is reported. The future of social media is an active topic of discussion in schools and businesses around the world. It cannot be ignored, but there does not seem […]

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Social Media Networking and the Future of Online Influence

Social media networking sites have become the second largest medium of communications within our world. Over one billion people from around the globe have at least one profile on some type of social media platform. As a matter of fact, at least 1 out of every 5 people will visit a social media networking¬†page when […]

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Social Media Influence and Your Startup Company

Understanding Social Media Influence is essential for entrepreneurs when shaping their social media strategy for companies in the early stages. Startup founders, senior management, advisors and investors are all part of the voice of the startup, and even more so in the early stages of the new company. Amplifying this voice and making it loud […]

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