How I Generated 2,079 Visitors to a New Blog with this Promotion Technique: The BOOM Technique

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  Today I’m going to show you how I used a single content promotion technique to generate 2,079 unique visitors to a brand new blog in less than a month. And  I did this even though I had: No connections. Almost no Twitter followers. And a marketing budget of zilch ($0). I am going to show you how to: Create content people want An AWESOME promotion … [Continue reading]

10 Sure-Fire Social Media Tips That Work

Social Media Tips @ronsela

For many of us, the name Sammy Griner might not ring a bell instantly but the memes of a feisty kid with his fists clenched as a symbol of determination against all odds are definitely not forgotten. Fondly named as the “success kid” in the realm of … [Continue reading]