40 Amazing Social Media Startups in Israel

In today’s contemporary world, things are changing at a rate that is quite tricky to keep up with. The speed with which things (technology to be particular) are changing is overwhelming especially to people from the analogue generation. The current consumer-tech landscape is hard to keep in tandem with technologies such as social commerce, social media platforms, cloud computing and optimized Web capabilities have helped in making our lives easier and have changed the way people interact on a day-to-day basis. Social media startups have gained quite an audience that was hard to visualize a few years ago.

While some social media startups might not be household names to many of us taken that they don’t affect our niches, it is hard to ignore the digital impact some of these social media startups have made the world over. And it is also not hard to see why the hype that has come to surround social media startups. So, just what exactly are social media startups and what is so impressive about them?

40 Amazing Social Media Startups in Israel

  Name   Summary   Twitter followers   Klout Score
 Eatwith EatWith Authentic dining experiences in people’s homes around the world 1,957 67
 communit Commun.it The Leading Twitter Community Manager 22,927 61
 Bizzabo Bizzabo Bizzabo helps professionals discover new business opportunities at events 6,337 59
 Yotpo Yotpo Yotpo is a free, plug and play social reviews solution for eCommerce sites 2,805 59
 twtrland twtrland A simple way to get insights about your social presence and reach influencers 5,736 58
 Wikibrains WikiBrains The Search Engine For Connections 593 58
 Oktopost Oktopost A Social Media Marketing Platform designed for professional B2B marketers 547 56
 EasySocialShop Easy Social Shop Turn your online store into a Facebook store 1,997 55
 Swayy Swayy Brings you the best content to easily share with your audience based on their interests 717 52
 Kenshoo Kenshoo Digital Marketing Technology. Search. Social. And Beyond… 5,073 52
 StoreYa StoreYa Social commerce platform designed for automatically importing web stores into FB 260 52
 Tracx Tracx Leading social media management system that analyzes and measures the social web 1,190 50
 Jinni Jinni Jinni helps you discover TV shows & movies based on personal taste & mood. 12,474 50
 Taboola Taboola World leading content recommendation and monetization platform 1,622 50
 Roojoom Roojoom A whole new way for content curation. Mark your way in the web. 967 49
 exelate eXelate eXelate is the smart data company that powers smarter digital marketing decisions 6,443 49
 Toluna Toluna Social opinion and polling – The place to voice your opinion 6,198 47
 SimilarWeb SimilarWeb A research tool to discover valuable traffic insights and identify growth opportunities 3,164 46
 SeatID SeatID A social seating & booking platform that socializes ticketing and booking websites 5,190 45
 Serendip Serendip Media Social music discovery platform, connecting you with music you will absolutely love 3,308 45
 Kontera Kontera Kontera dynamically activates brands’ owned content for optimal results. 1,640 44
 SyncMe Sync.ME Magically update iPhone/Android contacts + send your friends awesome greetings 1,226 43
 Spotim Spot.im Naturally connect with like minded people over a joint interest, we call it a Spot. 788 43
 vCita vCita vCita allows online scheduling and helps small businesses get more leads online. 1,108 42
 Ringya Ringya The easiest way to get contact lists onto your smartphone, hands down 490 42
 page2site Page2site Create a free website based on your Facebook page with one click 121 42
 RumbleTalk Chat RumbleTalk Chat Free stylish online chat widget with themes to keep your audiences engaged 2,403 42
 Stevie Stevie Turning social web and online video into beautiful television 2,583 42
EverPost EverPost EverPost filters and curates the best content for you to share, everyday. 743 41
Scringo Scringo Scringo offers a unique community platform that turns every app into a social network 641 38
 Buzzilla Buzzilla Extracting valuable brand ecosystem insight from the online social space 580 32
 SocialClicks SocialClicks SocialClicks, a leader in digital advertising and analytics technology 265 31
 BuzzSpice BuzzSpice Automated social media agent, helping you find and publish content on FB page 299 30
 BlogsConnections BlogsConnections The ultimate arena for Blogger and Brand to meet 367 27
 Tomigo Tomigo A social recruiting platform that leverages social connections to hire top talent 102 26
 Goatell Goatell The Word-of-Mouth Evolution 40 23
 correlortech Correlor Tech Using social data to deliver a unique technology platform for web personalization 128 23
 Familio Familio The place for the family. Share moments in a simple private way with the ones you love. 212 22
 Trendemon Trendemon An Audience Amplification and Influencer Relationship Managment platform 4,887 17
 Sure Visit Sure Visit Get Relevant, Be Found 522 14

Social Media Startups in Israel

The recent acquisitions of Waze (by Google for approximately $1B) and Onavo (by Facebook for approximately $150M) have resonated around the globe.  Combined with high profile investments in social media powerhouses Gigya (approximately $25M) and Outbrain (approximately $35M), the startups market in Israel is drawing more and more attention by the global media. Not very surprisingly, bloggers in Israel are approached every once in a while with questions regarding social media startups in Israel.

Below, I included a list of amazing social media startups in Israel, based on my public Twitter list. The startups are listed by their most recent Klout score. Klout is an awesome online tool that monitors the level of engagement of brands, companies and individuals in social networks, sometimes also referred to as online influence. I find it interesting to monitor the level of engagement  of developers in the social media platforms sphere in social media networking.

Want to keep up with the latest happenings in the Israeli startups scene? Follow the Twitter feeds of Orli Yakuel (@Orli), Blonde 2.0 (@Blonde20), Hillel Fuld (@HilzFuld) and Ben Lang (@benln)

What Are Social Media Startups?

To understand exactly what social media startups are, I think it is better to first broach on the workings of social media and what it is. In past decades, media in general used to be a one-way street and this is especially true for almost all Web pages and sites created in those days. With changing times and with an influx of new technological tweaks this is no longer the case. Social media has become an interactive or a two-way communication method that enables one to give hisher feedback based on messages transferred via the media platform one is using.

A simple way to understand this is to think of social media as a website page that not only gives you information but interacts with you in form of asking you to leave comments or letting you to vote on an article or a product hosted in the given website page. Essentially, social media startups are such social media platforms which have been established to cater for different digital needs that have arisen over the years.

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Functionality and Importance of Different Social Media Startups

Social media platforms, an array of internet-based tools and application that serves to enhance sharing of information to and from individuals regardless of the region they hail from, have arguably proved to be the future of communication. Today, transfer of text, photos, videos, audio, and other types of information has become as simple as flicking an electric light switch on.

Social networking social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin have created enormous online communities where people are free to exchange information about themselves or other topics as they see fit with community members. In such sites, interaction is basically through links that enable one to comment on personal profiles, add friends, join different groups, like pages and have discussions by posting one’s opinion in form of comments.

Social bookmarking sites such as Blinklist, Delicious among others act as search engines in that they organize information a web user is looking for by tagging specific sites with keywords that can be searched. Other sites known as social news interact with a web user by allowing them to vote for articles and comment about them. Digg, Propeller and Reddit are examples of such sites. Sites such as Google’s YouTube and Flickr allow photo and video sharing sessions for web users. The last among these social media sites are Wikis such as Wikipedia and Wikia that provide interactivity with a user by allowing one to add new articles or edit existing articles to such websites.

The Future of Social Media

While many of the above stated social media startups were founded in the starting years of the current decade, new startups are continually springing up with even better functionality and capabilities than their predecessors. Recent social media startups such as 9lenses (2010), Lua (2010), Prollie (2011) and SocialAppsHQ (2011) have transformed the social media scene beyond some of our wildest dreams. 9lenses, a startup that managed to bag a top spot in 10 top social media startups of 2013, is an enterprise that is cloud based and that works in changing the communication structure of businesses in that CEOs and employees adopt an open mindset towards each other by voicing out their critiques. Even more interesting is Prollie, a company that helps out in finding how many quality people a business follows in social media platforms. While experts are continually declaring that the social media is a realm that is never going to stop in terms of evolving, one thing that is certain is the fact that this media form has become an integral part of our lives though intriguingly posing significant risks associated with inappropriate use at the same time.


Social media is a platform that provides a large community in which they socialize with each other on community based issues. It is a great platform for businesses to promote their products and services to their target groups. With the ever increasing population in the social media, it is no doubt that it offers the best advertising tool for businesses and professionals. Social Media Startups are essential when it comes to promotion of products in the social media. They provide important tools with which businesses advertising their products through the social media can use to manage risks and advertisements among others. They are also used in social commerce as tools that enable people to buy and sell their products through the social media. There are a number of hot social media startups to look out for.

Social media has a very bright future in terms of promoting products and connecting people. Social media startups, on the other hand, come to improve on the ways in which social media is utilized.

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  • Go Ron! what a great list of great startups, we are very honord to see commun.it at #4 :) looking forward to have more amazing social startups from Israel :)

    • Hi Sharel,,thank you for stopping by. I’ve been using the commun.it platform for over a year and I love the “Prioritized Feed” as well as the “Consider to Re-Engage” section. I’ll be glad to hear more about your upcoming features in the future.

  • This is so true. You can advertise your business through social media especially if you are a starters. Social media is the most influencial Global Market when it comes to business. Thanks for the start up, it help us a lot

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