5 Social Commerce Sites that Influencers Will Love

5 Social Commerce Sites that Influencers will Love

Social commerce sites are becoming a common way of shopping online as a form of social media marketing. These online shopping sites use technology to bring the social interactions found in physical malls and stores to online shopping. There are group shopping sites that you can get a great price on items if a certain number of people have purchased the deal. Some social commerce sites deal specifically in certain niches that bring like-minded people together to discuss and shop that adds more to the experience than just purchasing an item. On most social commerce sites you can leave recommendations to assist other shoppers in making their purchasing decisions.

Social Commerce Sites and Online Influence

In a recent post, ShopSocially discussed the power of online influence in driving online shopping transactions in social commerce sites. One quote that nicely explains the reasoning behind this phenomena  is:

Social influencers interact passionately and are vocal about their opinions. By virtue of this, they are also listened and looked up to often in their circle of influence

This idea is also discussed in the following presentation:

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5 Social Commerce Sites

The following paragraphs provide a glimpse to five interesting social commerce sites, these sites actually promote that idea of shopping socially, as well as usage of social media networking, as part of their online shopping experience:


Wanelo Pic


The company name Wanelo came from combining the words Want, Need and Love. It is an online shopping site that is similar to other social commerce sites, such as Pinterest, Fashion Tumblrs and Lookbook. On these sites there are photographs of items you want to buy. One additional feature of Wanelo is that when you click on the photographs you will be taken directly to the place where it is available for sale. Similar to the other sites, on Wanelo you can follow your friends interests on social media and they can follow yours. The website contains all kinds on online shopping experiences such as clothing items, home furnishings, beauty accessories and makeup products.


Moodyo Pic

On Moodyo there are three ways to share on social media with others, I want it, I have it and I love this. You can select items you are interested in and you will receive more information and specials on similar items. If you have purchased certain items, you can share your opinions on them. while online shopping, to help others that are considering to purchase them. Since most of the people following you will be people that you know it is more credible for them to get recommendations from some one that they know.


Fab Pic

Fab is a one of the finest online commerce sites where in many cases you can get items for less than the retail price. They can afford to offer lower prices since they sell larger quantities, one person at a time, and spread the word via social media. Items available on Fab change regularly from furniture, home items, pet items, food items, women’s and men’s clothing and more for a perfect online shopping experience.


Lyst Pic

Lyst is an online marketplace for designer women’s and men’s clothing that provides a unique shopping experience when compared with other social commerce sites. You can follow your favorite fashion designers and stylists on Lyst and on your favorite social media wecsite. Your friends can follow you also, to see what items you like.

Open Sky

Open Sky Pic

Open Sky is another site that is similar to Pinterest but dealing with shopping. You can share items you like with others. You can follow people to get recommendations on items before you purchase them. This is one of the social commerce sites that include professionals such as celebrity fashion designers, home designers and chefs to see what items the recommend.


Online shopping is becoming more popular with people because of the convenience of being able to compare prices and shop from home on your own schedule. Social commerce sites are adding a new dimension to online shopping experience by being able to communicate with others and getting recommendations and reviews before making a purchase. Retailers are also able to offer lower prices when they can order larger quantities from the suppliers.

Rise Of Social Commerce

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