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Your Ultimate (Honest) Guide To Social Media Automation

Social media automation has got to be one of the most fickle concepts marketers are forced to use. I say forced, because there is no doubt that it is a necessary evil in today’s day and age. You may think I am exaggerating, or maybe that I am the worst marketer in the world for […]

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3 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tactics and Tools That You’re Ignoring

Marketers work extremely hard at expanding their visibility on social media. Without strategic maneuvers, content reach on social media is limited, also affecting the potential to convert. The reasons for limited reach on social media are simple. Let’s consider the scene on Facebook. Too many posts compete for a place in a person’s feeds. Facebook […]

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Social Media Company for Your Business. Did You Hire One?

Hiring a social media company is a process that many businesses consider. Social media influence is big business these days, not just on a personal level, but on a business one too. Whereas before a business may have relied on banner advertising and then a website, nowadays no one’s marketing campaign is complete without including […]

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Getting IoT and Social Media Marketing in Sync

In the social media age, consumers are more informed than ever. They want to find out what solutions you offer in detail, or even to try them out before they buy. They want to know what the benefits are – experientially. This calls for a sync between Internet of Things (IoT) and social media. The […]

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3 Killer Apps to Increase Employee Engagement on Social Media

Your employees can become an integral part of your marketing campaign through employee advocacy. Giving them the opportunity to share your content and engage with your audience can be beneficial both for the employees and the company. Benefits of employee advocacy: Amplified reach Increased credibility Shorter sales cycles Employee engagement Relationship building Companies with engaged […]

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